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    The Mountain Sky Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) supports school-wide events, programs and fundraising.  We work hard to provide the best possible educational and extracurricular activities for the MSJH students, but we cannot do this work alone.  We know we can count on our parents, community members and local businesses to help us continue to make our school an environment of excellence for our kids. You can do this by supporting our school-wide fundraisers, or by donating time as a volunteer during the year.  Your tax-deductible donation goes a long way to supporting the various programs and activities on campus.

    Learn how the PTO has raised and used funds raised to support our school.  Please read the  Community Report  covering the school years 2018-2019 through 2021-2022.

    A note from the PTO President:

    Hello Mountain Sky parents and Guardians;

    The Mountain Sky PTO is excited to launch our 2023 Direct Drive!  The Direct Drive - the PTO's largest annual fundraiser - will run Sept. 11 (TODAY!) through Sept. 22.  The concept is simple. Rather than asking students to sell candy or items out of catalogs to raise money for the school, we are asking you to make a donation.  That means 100% of what you give will directly benefit Mountain Sky's students and teachers AND it will be 100% tax deductible for you. 

    There are two things we'd like to share with you about this year's Direct Drive:

    1. Our top priority is to provide funding to all 35 of Mountain Sky's teachers, who will immediately put that funding into classroom projects, learning aides, etc.  Put simply, the money you donate will benefit your child this year.  But in order to fund every teacher - every classroom - we need your support!  Please consider making a donation!
    2. One component of the 2023 Direct Drive is a friendly competition between the 7th and 8th grades.  So when you visit to donate, you will select the link that corresponds to your child's grade.  In addition, any grade that hits the $3,000 mark will get a special treak the week following the Direct Drive.

    We thank you in advance for your consideration of making a donation to the Direct Drive.  We also invite you to follow the PTO on our social media accounts:

    We look forward to making the 2023-24 school year a great one for Mountain Sky's students and teachers.  Working together, we can do just that!

    Mountain Sky PTO

    Bethany Taylor

    2023 Direct Drive

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