Library Guidelines

  • Students visit the library on a 6-day rotation.

    • Students in grades K - 1 may check out one library book.
    • Students in grades 2 - 6 may check out two library books.
    • Students in Project Potential may check out one additional library book for required reading or projects.

    All Library books are due on the student's next library day. However, if a student finishes his/her library books prior to their next library day, he/she may return the books at any time and check out new books.

    Book Care

    It is important that students treat their library books with care. Here are a few helpful reminders:

    • Keep library books away from pets and younger siblings.
    • Do not eat or drink while reading your library books.
    • Do not color, write or draw in your books.
    • Use a bookmark to hold your place.  Do not use a pen, pencil or other object.
    • Keep your library book in a safe place.

    Students who lose or damage library books will be responsible for paying the replacement cost.