Visiting Procedures

  • Thank you so much for your interest in visiting Ironwood School.  We always welcome you to volunteer in the classroom or on campus, eat lunch with your child, or visit to support your child's education.  When visiting Ironwood, for safety and legal reasons, please always sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor or volunteer badge.

    *For the first quarter of thte 2021-2022 school year, visitors and volunteers are not allowed on campus*

    How to Meet With Your Child's Teacher:

    Fostering a relationship with your child's teacher is an important part of the home-school connection, but keep in mind that teachers live busy lives and often find their time stretched thin. Help them out by following these ideas.

    1. Make an appointment to talk. If you have something you want to discuss, don't try to corner the teacher before or after school in the hall. Set up a meeting and let her know what the issue is in advance.  An appointment allows the teacher to place all focus on your child.

    2. Don't interrupt teaching time. Unless it's an emergency, don't call to chat with the teacher when class is in session.  If you need to get an emergency message to the teacher, please communicate through the office staff or principal.

    3. For less urgent matters, send a note or e-mail. If you want to update the teacher on a family matter or ask a specific question about schoolwork, writing an e-mail or note is a great way to communicate. Put a note in your child's folder or write it on his assignment pad — whichever way it's most likely to reach the teacher.

    4. Bring a list of questions to conferences. Keep your meetings with the teacher focused and on-track by creating an agenda of things you want to cover.

    5. Volunteer. Pitch in when your child's teacher asks for help with projects.  If a parent plans to visit a classroom, it is expected that the parent will be put to work to help the teacher with specific tasks.  When visiting, please do not be a distraction to the teacher or students. Teaching, Learning and safety are ALWAYS our top priorities at Ironwood School!

    6. Say "Thank you!" Don't forget to thank your child's teacher for all he/she does. Send a note after report cards or an e-mail when your child raves about a project to let the teacher know she is appreciated.  Remember, your child’s teacher isn’t just doing an extraordinary job with your child, but a class full of students!

    Children benefit most when we help them bridge their two most important worlds, home and school!  We look forward to seeing you!