Visiting Procedures

  • Parent Classroom Visits

    Parents are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom and to take an active part in his or her education. Parents are asked to make prior arrangements if they plan to visit in the classroom.  For reasons of safety and keeping track of campus visitors, parents must report to the office before going to a child’s class.  All visitors must sign in at the office and receive a visitor's badge.  When visiting campus, parents are asked to observe the Parent Dress Code.

    When visiting classrooms, parents should leave small children at home since young children can be distracting.  Parents are asked to avoid conversations with the teachers during such visits, to ensure that class can be conducted as scheduled.

    Student Visitors

    Occasionally, students or parents ask if Abraham Lincoln Traditional students may bring a friend or relative to school. Unless arrangements have been made and approved by the principal, no students are allowed to attend class other than ALTS students.  An acceptable example would be a foreign exchange student attending for the day. The staff cannot take responsibility for students who are not formally registered at Abraham Lincoln Traditional School.