Executive Board

  • The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) is a 12-member executive board representing all parents at Abraham Lincoln Traditional School.  Officers of the Parent Leadership Council are president, vice president and secretary.  Each year, six member positions come up for election in the spring.  Officers are elected by the PLC at the May meeting.  The term of a Parent Leadership Council member is two years.  Officers hold positions for a one-year term.  

    The PLC Meets the third (3rd) Tuesday of each month, when possible.  At these meetings, the PLC reviews recommendations from the PLC committees and forwards decisions to the Site Council.  These decisions are based upon: evaluations of parent recommendations on library books, examinations of trends in discipline problems, reviews of the dress code for policy adjustments, and anything else that promotes the Four Cornerstones of ALTS.  
    Parents are encouraged to participate in the standing committees of the PLC.  These committees are Curriculum, Literature, Dress Code, Discipline, Volunteer, Grant and Library.  Participation is also encouraged in ad hoc committees formed throughout the year to address specific needs.  Parents do not need to be a member of the PLC to participate on any PLC committee.