About Sunset Elementary

  • All schools in the Washington Elementary School District are committed to achieving excellence for  every child, every day, every opportunity. Sunset Elementary School's curriculum is fully aligned with State Standards. Sunset provides art, music and PE for all grade levels.

    We believe that all children are special; have the right to develop their full potential; deserve to be treated with respect; have the ability and desire to learn; deserve to be excited about learning; deserve to experience success; deserve to learn in an environment free of disruption; and will grow through their failures on the path to success.

    Our Mission

    We are committed to preparing all students to become responsible, successful contributors to our diverse society.

    Our Vision

    Sunset children, families, and staff are dedicated to creating successful students who are empowered to grow and thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.

    Our Values

    • We will build and foster positive and meaningful relationships.  
    • We will collaborate to support and inspire.  
    • We will promote effective and proactive communication.  
    • We will show dedication to our students and our profession.  
    • We will support each other and grow together.  
    • We will strive for growth, not perfection.
  •  students wear sunset sweaters a student works on an art project Welcome to 5th grade