Principal's Message

  • Dear Parents,

    Welcome back to another amazing school year! I look forward to a fantastic school year working with you, your child and the staff of Cholla Middle School.Our goal is to continue to establish a learning environment that other schools will want to pattern themselves after.

    Here are four ways that you can make a difference along with some examples:

    Be a partner: meeting basic obligations such as being responsive to notes home, attending parent conferences, signing and returning report cards and assisting children with homework.

    Be a collaborator: helping to solve problems that arise in the school experiences of your children and providing enrichment activities at home such as reading. Be an audience: attending functions in which your child is involved, as well as other school functions and parent meetings.

    Be a supporter: volunteering to work in the school, being active in our PTO.

    Be decision makers: participating in District-wide or school committees can have a substantive input into the operations and programs of schools.

    The above examples will create a partnership that will foster academic success, and together we can help make Cholla Middle School the school of choice.


    Phil Garitson