School Curriculum at Desert View

  • The basis of our curriculum is the Arizona State Standards. Information about all of the Arizona State Standards can be found here, although the three most commonly used standards are English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.

    Curricular materials used are intended to provide support to maximize the learning outcomes of all students. We use a number of different curricular resources in our classroom.  Please see information below about the materials that we are using in our classes each day.

    For English Language Arts (ELA), Desert View teachers are using Benchmark Advance.  This K-6 ELA program integrates reading, writing, and social studies.  The units are similar in structure for each grade level so that students are building an understanding of key content each year.  Please visit Benchmark Advance here to learn more about this program:  

    For Mathematics, the Washington Elementary School District is pursuing a new curriculum for the 2023-24 school year.  In this last year before the new curriculum takes over, math teachers at DV are using a combination of math materials.  Teachers are focused on providing collaborative learning, problem-solving, and use an inquiry approach to teach mathematics.  One of the main tools that teachers use is Investigations:

    Finally, for Science, teachers use a variety of materials.  Students have 30-40 minutes a day in science in grades K-3 and 45-60 minutes of science in grades 4-6.  Some of the resources that teachers use to plan their science lessons are found in Science A-Z (

    For more information about any of these curricular resources, please contact Mr. Mospan at the front office (602-347-4000).