About Washington Elementary School

  • All schools in the Washington Elementary School District are committed to achieving excellence for every child, every day, every opportunity. Washington Elementary School's curriculum is fully aligned with State Standards.

    Washington provides art, music, and PE for all grade levels. Washington Elementary is a preschool through sixth grade school that provides an exemplary education program for a diverse population of students. Our teaching staff and community are dedicated to a strong literacy program in which all children develop the literacy skills and interest in learning necessary for success. Our children are engaged in numerous hands-on learning opportunities in math, science, and technology.

    Respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness are also emphasized in every classroom and throughout the school. With the help of our parents and community, Washington Elementary provides a well-rounded educational program where all children can succeed.


  •  a group of students smiles a student reads to his classmates

Our Mission

  • At Washington, we inspire learning, impact lives, and influence the future. 

Our Vision

  • Washington Elementary exists to educate our students by providing them with secure relationships which support academic, physical, cognitive, as well as social and emotional growth. We are developing clear, consistent, open, and timely communication because we value every member of our school community. We recognize our students, staff, and parents are unique individuals, and we celebrate our differences. Washington develops the leadership and expertise of every member of its community through a well-rounded education celebrating growth. We understand that our students need 21st Century skills such as the ability to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and problem solve.  We recognize the need for positive and consistent behavior expectations. Last, but not least, we know that our students' first teachers are their parents, and we understand the importance of building relationships with our families and community partners. At Washington, we know that a strong society starts with strong families and schools. We are committed to providing students, parents, and our community with the most comprehensive education possible.