About the Library

  • Guidelines

    • Students in grades K - 1 may check out one Library book.
    • Students in grades 2 - 6 may check out two Library books.
    • Students in Project Potential may check out one additional library book for required reading or projects.
    • All Library books are due on the student's next library day.
    • If a student finishes his or her library books prior to their next library day, he or she may return the books at any time and check out new books.

    It is our desire that ALL of our Arroyo Lobos have books to read!

  • Library Staff

    Mrs. Dunn is a book lover and enjoys sharing her love of literature with the students at Arroyo.  

    Mrs. Dunn gets up early (even on the weekends!) to ensure she has time to read every day.  She has made it a goal to find each student "just the right" book to keep her students interested in reading for pleasure.