Uniform Guidelines

  • Students at Cactus Wren School are required to dress in the proper uniform attire.  It is the parents' responsibility to ensure compliance with the school dress code.  All students must be in uniform the first day of school.  There is a two-week grace period for new students to purchase uniforms.
    Students must wear the designated school uniform clothing.  Clothing may not be altered by slits, shredded hems, etc.Baggy or over-sized uniforms are prohibited.


    • Short or long-sleeved collared polo shirts may be in cotton fabric.
    • Colors worn may include white, light blue, navy blue or hunter green.
    • Shirts may not have logos on them, (except school logo purchased through CW PTO).
    • Solid long-sleeved shirts free of logos and or designs may be worn under polos.
    • Shirts must be tucked in at all times, except during PE or recess.
    • Cactus Wren red spirit shirt may be worn on Friday (purchase PTO $8).


    • Colors include navy blue and/or khaki.
    • Uniform shorts or pants may have a small logo on belt or back pocket.
    • No cargo shorts or pants (pockets on sides of shorts or pants).
    • Boys may wear uniform style walking shorts or pants.
    • Girls may wear uniform style bottoms, including walking shorts, pants, skirts, skorts (shorts with a skirt front), capris, or jumpers.  Girls may wear solid colored tights/leggings under skirts or jumpers.  This is especially appropriate when kids are active for the sake of modesty.
    • No jeans of any kind are permitted.


    • Jackets, sweaters, hoodies
    • Minimal logos will be acceptable (no larger that the size of child's closed hand).


    • Should not be visible.
    • Solid matching socks


    • Students need to keep their shoes secure on their feet.
    • This means tying laces and closing all Velcro or other straps.
    • No flip-flops or open-backed shoes are allowed for student's safety.