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WESD’S Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Lyn Bailey, Selected as Public Educator of the Year!

WESD’s Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Lyn Bailey, has been selected as the Public Educator of the Year by the School Social Work Association of Arizona! This award recognizes those “who have made an exemplary contribution to the academic and social success of children by focusing on prevention and or intervention with children to enhance their academic, emotional, and social functioning.”


Dr. Lyn Bailey is passionate about educating the whole child. During her tenure, she has been instrumental in implementing and maintaining social work positions in the District.  This has ensured that students’ social and emotional needs are addressed.  She has been actively involved in supporting the social work team at WESD and, with her support, the number of social workers in the District has increased.  Dr. Bailey serves on the First Things First Advisory Board and participates in volunteer events regularly. By promoting teamwork, she continues to be a strong advocate for the needs of 23,000 students in WESD.


Dr. Bailey will be honored at an awards breakfast March 1. Congratulations, Dr. Bailey!