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Orangewood, AZ Cardinals Prep take top awards at robotics competition


Orangewood School and the Arizona Cardinals Preparatory Academy (ACPA) won top honors at the VEX IQ Tournament presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation held at Orangewood on Saturday, November 5. Orangewood fielded four Robo-cougars robotics teams, which all performed well in individual categories, but the overall Excellence Award went to the Robo-cougars team A, qualifying them for the state competition to be held in February, 2017. A second Robo-cougars team won the Design Award, while two teams from the ACPA won first and second place in the Teamwork challenge, also qualifying them for state. Teams from Palo Verde Middle School (PVMS) also participated, but unfortunately, didn’t receive any of the top honors. Orangewood students have been involved in Robotics clubs and competitions for the past seven years. This was the first competition for ACPA and PVMS.
VEX IQ Robotics teams participate in multiple categories, including presentation of a STEM research project, maintaining an engineering notebook, multiple teamwork robotic driving rounds, as well as individual team programming and driving skill rounds. Teams are scored and ranked in each area, with competition winners determined by compilation of the rankings. Twenty-seven teams from around the Valley were involved in this competition. None of this would have been possible without the guidance of Dr. Bonney and the support of more 20 teachers and community volunteers who helped to make this event such a huge success.
Thank you students, staff and volunteers!