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Large School Construction Projects Completed With Past Bond Money

Thanks to past bond funding, two large WESD school improvement projects that began in March at Sunburst and Roadrunner Elementary Schools were recently completed. The construction budget was approximately $4,000,000 at each school.


Sunburst received several big-ticket items, primarily aimed at student and staff safety, including:

  • All new energy-efficient air conditioning campus-wide
  • New roadway for student drop-off/pickup, making for more efficient traffic flow
  • 75 new parking spots, primarily for visiting parents
  • All campus restrooms redone
  • Reconfigured front office designed for safety
  • New grass and sprinkler systems/irrigation for field
  • New playground equipment
  • New teacher lounge

“At 2:30 dismissal time, we used to have backups that stretched a quarter mile all the way back down to Acoma and it just wasn’t safe,” said Sunburst Principal Rhonda Warren. “Now, with these new pickup lanes, it’s efficient, safe, and orderly and we have all cars off campus by 2:40. It’s awesome.”


The improvements have not gone unnoticed by visitors to Sunburst.


“Parents are now coming by and saying, ‘Wow, it looks beautiful.’ I’m glad they’re seeing these things,” added Warren.


 Projects completed at Roadrunner include:

  • Removal of portable classroom building
  • New classroom building containing seven classrooms, student restrooms, teacher workroom and teacher lounge
  • All new energy-efficient air conditioning campus-wide
  • Storm water retention work to alleviate flooding issues after heavy rains in parking lot and on campus
  • New student drop-off/pickup lane, making for more efficient traffic flow
  • New parking lot
  • New playground
  • Front office renovation
  • New student restroom off of cafeteria
  • New marquee
  • Interactive flat-screen boards for student instruction

“By addressing the water issues, I feel like we can move students safely, as we now have unobstructed paths to get them where they need to go. Things are in much better shape,” said Roadrunner Principal Paula McWhirter.  “And having reliable air conditioning has significantly improved the learning environment for our students and staff.”


Roadrunner staff have offered parent tours of the improved campus during two separate evening events.


“I think the comment I hear most is ‘Now Roadrunner looks just as good on the outside as the education our kids are getting on the inside’,” added McWhirter. “It just makes them feel good about where their kids are.”


Another WESD bond is on the ballot for the November 8 election for additional school improvements. For more information, please visit

New traffic lanes at Sunburst New classroom at Roadrunner