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Crossing Guards Prepare For New School Year

The focus was all about safety, as 60 new and returning WESD crossing guards gathered for a training/refresher session with District and City of Phoenix safety staff.

Some of the attendees were experienced crossing guards while others were brand new.


The session addressed the proper ways to cross, how to properly hold signs, how to properly manage traffic and some basic traffic laws. Attendees also participated in Q & A with a City of Phoenix police officer.


“It’s all about how to get the kids across the street safely,” said Tim Mahaney, WESD District Safety Coordinator. “Knowing how to do it, when to do it and where to do it while keeping everyone safe.”


The reasons for becoming a WESD crossing guard run the gamut. Some do it for the part-time work, where others are retired and enjoy the time outdoors working with children.


“It’s a great part-time job—I’ve been working with kids since the 60s and really enjoy this,” said second-year guard Eli Johnson.


New this year, WESD crossing guards were issued lighted safety vests, donated by the City of Phoenix. The vest is unique in that the lights can flash at different rates and can be seen from more than 1000 feet away, especially at night or early in the morning.


“I came up with the idea for these vests after noticing that construction workers, city workers, police officers only have vests with reflective stripes,” said Jerry Moffitt, inventor of the donated vests.


“Our crossing guards are the guardians of our future-- There’s a lot of important work and responsibility going on here,” added Mahaney.
New lighted vest for WESD crossing guards