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APS Partnership Saves District $50,000


WESD is saving money and energy thanks to a partnership with Arizona Public Service (APS). This summer, three WESD schools-- Acacia Elementary, Cholla Middle School and Mountain Sky Junior High School received brand new LED lighting installed throughout their buildings, a project valued at over $300,000.
The new energy efficient lighting is the result of the APS School Pilot Program, which provides $2 million in funding to help eligible schools identify and implement cost-effective energy efficiency projects through a limited pilot that covers 100 percent of project costs. In addition to the cost-savings, the total kilowatt hour savings for all three projects is over 720,000 kWh. Total savings to WESD is just under $50,000. The old florescent bulbs and ballasts will be saved and used at other sites throughout the District.
"We value our relationship with APS and want to continue working with them further in an effort to make our facilities as energy-efficient as possible," said Mike Kramer, WESD Director of Capital Projects and Maintenance.
 APS worker removes and installs energy efficient lighting