• Heading


  • We truly miss having you all in our centers but we’re still planning some fun, learning activities you can do at home! 

    We’re even going to provide you with all the supplies you need for each activity!

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Each month we will post weekly storytimes and fun activities that go along with an exciting monthly theme.  
    2. Call the center closest to you to register for your free Laugh & Learn Activity Kit with all the supplies you need for the following months’ activities. The location you choose will be your "home center" for all future programs.
    3. By 12 noon, the virtual activities will be available here on our website. Be sure to visit the page of the home center you chose previously.
    4. After you participate in the storytime or activity, click the image for the appropriate sign-in sheet. Complete the sign-in sheet and click ‘Submit’. 


    We will continue to do our Play & Earn Passes that provides the opportunity for each child to earn prizes when they participate in 5 activities within a month!


    1. Each Rock & Rhyme Storytime and Laugh & Learn Activity will include the link to a virtual sign-in sheet that parents fill out.
    2. To earn virtual stamps, parents will need to complete and submit this sign-in sheet for each storytime and activity they have participated in with their child.
    3. We will use these sign-in sheets to track each child’s participation.
    4. Children that earn 7 virtual stamps within a month, will receive a prize in their next Laugh & Learn Activity Kit from their home center!